"Chiropodist Sarah Robinson Speaks Out: Elderly Patients in CA Suffer under ‘Lockdown"


Daily Clout


Published on Jan 24, 2021

Chiropodist Sarah Robinson is DailyClout’s sixth ‘Profile in Courage’ honoree. A sole proprietor chiropodist at The Foot Clinic in Ontario, Robinson joins other brave Canadian healers in speaking out about harms to her patients caused by Canada’s draconian ‘lockdown’. She describes, as Dr Patrick Phillip did as well, the damage being done to her patients medically by the government restricting their visits, in the name of ‘fighting COVID’, to telemedicine. Some patients can’t see or feel their own feet, she warns; she describes some podiatrists’ patients suffering lacerations as they seek to do their own hangnail care via instructions over telemedicine.
Robinson describes the excellent sanitation she uses in her own practice, including ventilation and filtration, and explains why she feels comfortable seeing patients in that setting even though the patients she treats are in a high risk category if they were to have COVID. She explains that we always have risks in life and that people are the experts in understanding their own vulnerabilities and choosing their own comfort level with risk. We can’t have a society in which everyone is locked inside to avoid every pathogen.
Robinson, like Dr Phillips, describes the acute suffering that enforced isolation is having on the elderly in Canada. She describes how isolated elderly begin to lose mental acuity and to struggle with language. She says that if a patient chooses to see a foot doctor or even go into a shop, if they live in a care home, they are isolated alone in a room for fourteen days. She describes families dropping groceries off on the porch for elderly patients, who want only to see and touch their loved ones. Like Dr Phillips, she describes how many peer reviewed studies confirm the protective effect of social contact on the immunities of the elderly, and the damage to elderly patients of loneliness and of the stress that isolation causes.
Sarah Robinson: a DailyClout Profile in Courage.