Pro Vaxers Debunk THIS! Vaccination Truth w Dr Suzanne Humphries


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Published on Apr 13, 2018

One day, should the Lord tarry and man does not fully revert to the Dark Ages, mankind will one day look back at the vaccination agenda of our age as we look back at blood-letting. A day when doctors will understand that vaccination is based on agenda-driven speculation, opinion, grand assumptions, and lies repeated and repeated until they become truth in the ears of those conditioned not to question the voices of authority of our "civilized" control system, NOT real science.
Dr. Humphries gives a pretty good overview of several of the real, and scientifically-demonstrable problems with vaccinations. Judge for yourself. But you owe it to you and your kids to make an INFORMED choice. There is one side that tries to shame and coerce your choice in this very important matter. That vaccines are being MANDATED should tell any thoughtful soul how (un)effective they are.