Red Ice Radio - Josh Reeves - Hour 1 - The Secret Right II, The Roots of the Conspiracy Cult


Red Ice TV


Published on Feb 20, 2012

Josh Reeves is a Dallas, Texas-based researcher, filmmaker, and radio talk show host. He has made several documentaries and mini-docs. Through radio, videos, films, and even music, Josh Reeves presents his restless effort of research into matters concerning government/corporate corruptions, occult/esoteric philosophies, mass media propaganda, social engineering, hidden technologies, ancient mysteries, religious/spiritual manipulations, and more. He returns to Red Ice to discuss his latest documentary, The Secret Right Volume 2. Volume 2 investigates individuals and organizations - among the most notable are the Council for National Policy (CNP), the John Birch Society (JBS), and the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)- having deep connections with secretive, priest-class societies and occult orders, their creation of the 9-11/Tea Party/Truth/Patriot movements and the "conspiracy theory" genre at large, and their roots in the New World Order itself.