Jordan Peterson's Fancy Backswing


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Mar 31, 2018

After watching my video, I realize a viewer might come away with the impression that I'm "against individualism" or something silly like that. That's definitely NOT the case. Merely that what we call more individualist norms and laws thrive more in a (genetically) European country. This is a brute historical fact, but also there's some genetic data evidencing this.

--- Timestamps ---

0:00 - Decoupling Personal Psychology and Political Philosophy
4:29 - Same same, but different, but still the same
5:10 - Practical problems with Universal Individualism
15:25 - Conceptual problems with Peterson's Individualist narrative (his fancy backswing)
22:39 - Response to various clips of Peterson
36:51 - On Morality

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