Christians Beware! TRS Wants You to Place "Race" Before GOD!

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Vladimir's Review


Published on Sep 17, 2021

Published on Friday, September 17, 2021. A faithful Christian CANNOT place anything before God. It is impossible, because God said, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3). However, Jazzhands McFeels on “The Right Stuff” ( podcast, "Fash the Nation," is telling Christians they should place their race before God and Jesus Christ. And this is something they simply CANNOT and SHOULD NOT do. And, because Anti-Whitism (AntiFa, CRT, anti-“Whitness”) is a real phenomenon where White people are being targeted, discriminated against, and made to feel guilty on the basis of their race alone, many Christians, like myself, frequently check out alternative news and commentary sites that offer views and information that is being censored by the mainstream media and prominent social media platforms. There’s nothing wrong with that and many of these alternatives do provide really good information and analysis that you cannot find elsewhere. TRS was one of those sites that I used to go to the seemed to provide good informative content, although I’ve always had my disagreements with certain things. And yes, they do tend say things that many people consider to be offensive. But it didn’t bother me and I believe in free speech. But the point is they talk about things that the powers that be have dictated that you’re not supposed to talk about. Which is ridiculous in a country founded on the idea of free speech. However, Christians need to be aware aware that TRS and possibly others (I don’t really know), do not like the fact God must come first before everything else, including race. They are actually advocating that Christians place race before God, when this is absolutely impossible. Furthermore, supplanting Christ is the literal definition of the Greek word Anti-Christ. Searching for uncensored information and analysis has become a necessity these days for most Christians, whether they are Catholic, Protestant, or Orthodox, but you need to be careful what you get into. DO NOT place anything before God! Be true to your faith. And let God and the teachings of Jesus Christ be your guide when you are searching for information in these alternative places trying to figure out what is really going on in this crazy world we live in today. Be informed but stay true to the faith.