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 Created Aug 3, 2020

OpenmindedThinker Show

This is a channel for global news and religious current affairs, commentary
and reactions. We strive to add to the theological understanding
of Islam. Welcome to the OpenmindedThinker show.

This channel was created for the sake of offering best global
news analysis with special emphasis on those that affect the
muslim world.

Over the course of centuries, Islam has emerged as one of the
leading religious forces in the world. Introduced in the late 7th
century, this religion which grew out of Arabia made very shocking
in-roads into Africa, Europe, Middle-east and other parts of Asia.

Today it is one of the most misunderstood religions in the West.
And this is owing to the fact that people do not study the religion
with open-mindedness. So this channel fills in that gap.

Every video used on my channel for reaction purposes does not
belong to me. I must try as much as I can to make attributions to...