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 Created Nov 2, 2020

Starkey Farmstead

We are a 2 acre farm located in Southeast Louisiana. Our farm model is ALPHA-OMEGA REGENERATIVE FARMING. We are debt free and pray we can encourage you in everything God has put in your spirit. Starkey Farmstead is No-Till and sustainably ran. We make worm castings and compost from our rabbits and chickens! We are a SNAP/EBT Retailer and can accept Senior Vouchers. Starkey Farmstead is also a Louisiana Certified Agritourism Farm, as well as a Louisiana Certified Producer! Feel free to give us a call with questions or concerns about your garden. We offer educational tours to anyone interested. 501-697-3398.
We have a sister YouTube channel “Pawpaw Sammy & Alybug” where you can find videos my 80 year old father makes on numerous topics. We mention this bc we want to freely share his wisdom with the world! Pawpaw Sammy is our farm manager and we are honored to have him.
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