Red Pill with Chris D. (Jul 8)




Published on Jul 8, 2018

Call-in: 888-775-3773. Live Sunday 9am PT (11CT/12ET). James takes your calls along with in-studio GUEST: Chris Davaz, a man who's attended a couple of BOND meetings. Chris is a former liberal, married, has a son — voted for Hillary! But lately he's been red pilled on a lot of things.

In the past he was a committed Christian, but had doubts. James and he had an interesting discussion on the morality of a God who would allow babies to suffer at the hands of evil human beings. Why does it have to be THAT evil? His arguments almost sounded like an atheist's arguments (Sam Harris, etc.), where they're judging God and think they know what good and evil is, and they'd do better had they been God. He talked with Jesse Lee Peterson about these things as well.

Also, Chris looks like he could be in the Proud Boys, but is he? We may also touch on interracial marriage (he married an Asian, and was kicked out of an Alt-Right group for having a Chinese wife!), having a family and a child as a millennial, and White History Month. (STAND YOUR GROUND, white people!)

They take calls on Climate Change / global warming, and whether it was man-made. They debate whether UN and government-funded scientists are trustworthy.

BTW: White History Month so far: Blacks have come out more strongly for it than whites! But also old white folks, and young ones — but not Gen. X or Boomers! That's my impression.

ALSO: A clarification for Charles from Compton, CA: Racism is not evil. Racism doesn't exist. What's called "racism" is really either good OR evil, right OR wrong, truth OR a lie. Similarly, while discrimination is real, it can be either good OR evil, right OR wrong. Some try to solve this "racism" thing by calling their views Race Realism or call themselves racial realists (Jared Taylor, etc.).



Executive Producer: Jesse Lee Peterson