World War 2 (Part 9 of 11)


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Dec 20, 2012

Since youtube decided to remove the +15 minute thing for my account, I have to upload them in parts. Brings back memories.

Anyway, this would give me more ad revenue from people watching all 11 parts.

I forgot to add, another reason for Goering's belief that the airlift of Stalingrad could work was because they had successfully done such a thing at Demyansk, and given the size of that operation, Goering got an idea for how many transports would be needed to airlift the much larger army at Stalingrad, and looked at the numbers and went "yeah, we have enough for that". But unfortunately for Goering and Hitler, Demyansk and Stalingrad was not an apples to apples comparison, as the Soviet Air Force and AA batteries within the ring around Stalingrad turned the airlift into an air battle, and once the failure of the airlift was obvious, the ring around Stalingrad was too strong to penetrate with the forces at hand.

Also forgot to add that after the war, claims that Hitler's military advice was always bad were readily accepted. Both the opponents of Germany and the German generals had an interest in claiming that German military successes occurred in spite of Hitler's meddling, while I contend that Hitler's meddling was instrumental in the adoption of sickle-stroke, which defeated France, and that Hitler's invasion plan for the USSR was better than the more conservative plans put forth by other generals, though his decisions at Stalingrad was the prime instance where Hitler was wrong and his generals were right.

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