Hellstorm - Exposing The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany (Full)




Published on May 6, 2015

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This is the full-length documentary of a previous posting here of the "trailer" for this film by Kyle Hunt. It's truly FANTASTIC in its scope of content and quality of production.!

MORE people died by way of the RAF (British) fire-bombing of Dresden on February 13th & 14th, 1945 (and the 3 following days of subsequent American fighter-plane "strafing") than in the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki COMBINED.!

It is our sacred duty to not only inform the world about the atrocities committed against the German people, but also to rid our nations of those who carry out and celebrate such slaughter.!

Winston Churchill told Lord Robert Boothby the following

"Germany's most unforgivable crime before the Second World War, was her attempt to extricate her economic power from the world's trading system (World-Bankers) and to create her own exchange mechanism ("Honest", non-interest bearing money) which would deny "world finance" of its opportunity to profit".!

So, Germany's unwillingness to be looted by the International-Bankers was the TRUE reason that millions and millions of Europeans had to perish.! The "world's elite" definitely did NOT want the "Goyim" (Anglo-Saxon & related peoples) to get any "big ideas", especially after seeing Germany's MORE than remarkable recovery under National Socialism, when one's own nation comes FIRST.!

Back in 1920, Winston Churchill had actually written about the Jewish involvement in the looting of Germany ALREADY after the end of the first World War when he wrote the following

"The same phenomenon (Jewish involvement with left-wing & Communist movements) has been presented in Germany as far as this madness has been allowed to prey upon the temporary prostration of the German people. And although in all these countries there are many non-Jews, every whit as bad as the worst of the Jewish revolutionaries, the part played by the Jews in proportion to their numbers, is astonishing.!"

Churchill also acknowledged the role Jews played in the bringing about of the Soviet terror in writing

"There is no need to exaggerate the part played in the creation of Bolshevism and in the actual bringing about of the Russian Revolution by these international and for the most part, atheist Jews. It is certainly a very great one, and probably outweighs all others. With the notable exception of Lenin, the majority of the leading figures are Jews (Lenin's paternal grandfather was later found to be a Jew). Moreover, the principal inspiration and driving power comes from the Jewish leaders"

Jewish power was not only in Germany or the Soviet Union, but could be found all around the world when Churchill also said

"Some people like the Jews and some do not. But no thoughtful man can deny the fact that they are beyond any question the most formidable and most remarkable race which has appeared in the world.!"

At some point Churchill became an instrument of this power. During World War II Churchill's loyalty was NOT to the British people, but to the small "tribe" of alien elites that had been generating wars AND reaping "the spoils" for centuries upon centuries.!

Senator Homer Capeheart spoke the following to the U.S. Senate on Feb. 5, 1946, in which he said

"Since the end of the war about 3,000,000 people, mostly women and children and over-aged men have been killed in eastern Germany and south-eastern Europe. About 15,000,000 people have been deported or had to flee from their homesteads and are on the road. About 25 % of these people, over 3,000,000 have died. About 4,000,000 men and women have been deported to Eastern Europe and Russia as slaves.! It seems that the elimination of the German population of Eastern Europe, at least 15,000,000 people, was planned in accordance with decisions made at the "Yalta Conference". Churchill had said to Mikolajczyk when the latter protested during the negotiations at Moscow against forcing Poland to incorporate eastern Germany, "Don't mind the five or more million Germans. Stalin will see to them. You will have no trouble with them., as they will cease to exist"..!!