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 Created Oct 17, 2008
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Truth., for the Times they are a Changin'., and the Tables they are a Turnin'...

"Die Wahrheit hat KEINE Untersuchungangst"..!!!

"The Truth Does NOT fear Investigation"..!!!
+++ FYI
I had photographed the "Channel Art" while at the "Stadtfriedhof" (city cemetery) of Göttingen (northern Germany) and is from the large section of the "fallen heroes" of WW-I and WW-II.
+++ Bio
WV-Radioman (Eric) is a self-employed electronics service & repair technician, which encompasses (but certainly NOT limited to.!) the repair of "2-Way Radios"., guitar amplifiers., the designing and building of whole house power back-up systems., etc.. A holder of a "Commercial FCC 1st Class Radiotelephone License" (with a Ship-board Radar repair Endorsement) along with several other government (FAA) and private (Motorola) electronics certifications. Also a "survivalist-prepper", and considered by many to be a "Polymath" / "Renaissance-man"...

What happened to our Children.?!?!


Published Jun 28, 2016

Adolf Hitler was NOT a Freemason..!!


Published Feb 14, 2016