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Created Nov 30, 2018

We aim to bring you the truth about the world we live in, who controls it, what your role in it is, and how you and everyone else CAN make a difference.

We are truth seekers who wish to help wake other people up to what is going on.

It may be scary at first, but really the Truth WILL Set You Free.

We have been studying this topic since around 2015, moving away from the lies that mainstream society has told us. We naturally gravitated towards other truth seekers who have studied for the last 15-25 years.

While putting the pieces together, we came up with a picture that is always evolving.

The bottom line is that we NEED to take our FREEDOM back, assuming we ever really had it.

Will you come join us?


Nancy Pelosi Drunk

Our Free Society

Published Aug 2, 2020