Secret Installation 5G in Schools While You Were Lockdowned, Videos


dr Meno


Published on Mar 27, 2020

Children in Ireland Singing Against Plan To Install Cell Tower In School (To Tune of Pink Floyd)

WTF?? 5G Being Installed in Schools During COVID-19 Lockdown!

CONFIRMED! 5G Forced Installation In Schools Nationwide During COVID-19 Lockdown

During Shutdown 5G Being Installed Covertly in US Schools, Dept of Education Directive

Fleet of white vans behind school

33 reasons why the Coronavirus is a hoax, The Illuminati Agenda of Depopulation

Fraudsters, Con Artist CAPITALIZE on Covid-19 Fears. Con Job in the USA will be the Police State

Tour Moscow Supermarket During COVID19 Pandemic

Convoy of Italian army trucks haul away corpses, local crematorium flooded with covid19 dead (VIDEO)

While the Sheeple are COVID19 Sequestered, 5G Antennas Are Being Installed, Milan

Senators Capitalize with Covid19 Insider Trading

Coronavirus Fake Panic, Comparable Death Rates From Other Causes

Italy Quarantine, Make Ghost Towns of Major Cities, Protest with Songs from Balconies, VIDEOS

The 5G Connection to the Coronavirus. Bombarding Frequencies Making Us Sick, Disrupting Our Auras

The Fiscal Revolution, The Peaceful Revolution, & Bank Runs