Why am I held down?


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Jan 12, 2013

We're all held down by a seething web of difficulty. This web of difficulty starts with:

Heavy "regulation" that makes it increasingly difficult to start a small business or make it on your own.

Which leads to a lack of competition.

Which leads to bogus hiring and promotion practices of big business not being broken up because it's impossible for an upstart to come in and break it.

Which leads to the college cult. College cult is the old way of determining if someone is productive, and so that's what's done by big old dumb corporations.

The final result of this is:

1. It's a titanic struggle to start a business. And the main struggle is getting government approval.

2. Corporations only hire you if you have a college degree. Only special cases where you have connections and family name recognition (like me) can you bypass this requirement. Most people, including most white people, DON'T have either.

For the record, right now I'm doing a job that supposedly requires a bachelors degree in computer science. I don't have a bachelor's degree, and yet I'm doing just fine, and the people I'm working with say that their degree didn't have anything to do with the job they're doing right now. I got the job for two reasons:

- My dad was a lieutenant colonel in the air force, and the company is a military contractor. Even though he didn't weigh in on this, they recognized my name.

- One of the IT guys is a fan of my "work" on the internet and vouched for me.

But for most people, if you don't have a degree, you aren't going anywhere. Most likely you won't go anywhere even if you do, but if you don't, you DEFINITELY aren't going anywhere.

3. Because you need them more than they need you, corporations can have a bunch of bullshit seniority practices.

And so people ask, "why am I being held down?". If you're black or mestizo, you have a backstory of "racism", and a whole mythos that says it's because you're black or brown. If you're a female, there's an outside chance you have a backstory of "patriarchy".

If you're a white male, you will fall into three categories:

1. The white male who is being held down. This is most (~75%) white males. These people, unclouded by fairy tales of "racism" and "patriarchy", seek out real answers. These people become "angry white man", and are the most likely to be libertarians and to see de-"regulation" and tax cuts as liberating and opening.

2. The white male who comes from money or has so many connections that he doesn't feel held down. This person is more likely to be a social democrat, and buy into "racism" and "white privilege" fairy tales. These people comprise maybe ~5% of white males.

3. The white male who is still in college or just out of college and hasn't faced the stultifying reality of the modern workplace, or hasn't for long enough to recognize that it's the norm. This person is also more likely to buy into "racism" and "white privilege", and to a lesser extent, "patriarchy". These people comprise maybe ~10% of white males.

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