Evergreen "Racism"


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Feb 7, 2013

First time using the time delay feature on youtube. See how this works.

If laws were completely random, then 50% of all laws would impact blacks negatively relative to whites, and 50% would impact whites negatively relative to blacks. And if disparate racial impact against blacks is called "racist", then 50% of all laws can be called "racist".

If laws are made with white people in mind, and optimized for white people (to a greater or lesser degree), then an even greater proportion of laws would disparately impact blacks negatively relative to whites.

This "racism" inflation provides a practically unlimited and ineradicable source of "racism" to be combated, endless grist for the "racism" industry.

Also not recognizing racial differences leads to laws that work for one race being terrible for another. That's another argument for racial separatism.

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