Appeasing "Racism" for Libertarianism


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Feb 13, 2013

Don't waste your time appeasing "racism". By "racism", I mean calling people "racist". That's the reality of "racism". KKK, the Nazis, slavery - these are all things used by the "racism" people to push "racism" - i.e. calling people "racist".

The "racist" is graded on a curve. If you're on the left side of the curve, you're "racist". It doesn't matter if you're for no policies based on race. That is just "color-blind racism" or "white privilege apologetics".

The response to the Ron Paul newsletters is evidence that appeasing these animals is a futile program, and saying "I'm not 'racist' at all" just raises suspicions. You're better off just saying you're for racial separation, as that is more plausible, and in my case, is actually true.

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