AtheistKLOWNS!!! (1 of 2)


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Feb 20, 2013

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Part 2:

The Youtube Atheist Mind: Power

The Youtube Atheist Mind: Sex

The Youtube Atheist Mind: Belief

Aside from the human-creationist boilerplate at the beginning, lithodidman did a hilarious video of pure pwnage on EvoGen.

Will SofiaRune make videos to EvoGen correcting his errors? Like she did for my so-called errors?

After all, SofiaRune claims to be neutral, that the science is unsettled, that she doesn't know! So shouldn't EvoGen, who took a hard position on the race and IQ debate, be just as much an offender as me, since I also take a hard position? And if so, I'm sure we can expect videos from SofiaRune against EvoGen with all the passion and energy that she directed against me!

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