Qualitative differences in stupidity


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Feb 24, 2013

There are different types of egalitarians just as there are different types of Christians. But in general, the distortions of Christianity, even fundamentalist Christianity, effect things long ago and far away.

Even if those beliefs, such as the belief in an afterlife, impact the way they behave in the here and now, it is not a direct distortion of the here and now.

Racial egalitarian beliefs, on the other hand, distort the here and now, and so far the predictions and policies enforced which relied on racial egalitarian assumptions have all failed. So far, in the empirical analysis, racial egalitarianism is an unambiguous failure.

So while virgin births and talking snakes and a six day creation of the universe are more fantastical notions than racial and gender equality, they are falsehoods

Moreover, when a creationist is shown wrong, he retreats. For example, early creationists denied evolution outright, but as direct observation of microevolution piled up, the creationists accepted microevolution. This is because their delusion does not distort their direct perception of the world in the here and now.

When a racial egalitarian is shown wrong, he stonewalls, attacks the messanger, fabricates sources (theskepticalheretic and evogenvideos), lies and appeals to authority.

I have done no quantitative analysis of this, but my perception is that youtube atheists are overwhelmingly racial egalitarians, ~80%. Christians are overwhelmingly not literalists, ~70%. The extent to which creationism inhibits the ability of people who matter to adopt macroevolution is not clear, and the extent to which not adopting macroevolution harms practical biological research is also not clear.

So in terms of the damage done by creationism, there are two fuzzy, tenuous links. Whereas the damage done to say Sweden as a result of African immigration is directly observable and quantifiable (even if the Swedish government refuses to keep proper statistics).

The distortion of racial egalitarianism is of a qualitatively more extreme nature, in the same category as heavens gate or freedomainradio, in that it distorts the here and now, and the damage this distortion does to the world in the here and now is far greater than the damage that creationism does.

By comparison, creationism is relatively harmless, and while creationists may in fact have lower IQs than racial egalitarians, creationism distorts day to day reality less than racial egalitarianism does.

And since youtube atheists are probably racial egalitarians at a higher rate than christians are biblical literalists, and since racial egalitarianism does far more damage than biblical literalism does, the conclusion is quite simple:

Youtube atheist are certainly worse than christians in general, and are probably also worse than biblical literalists in particular.

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