EvoGenVideos as Symptom


The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Feb 25, 2013

The youtube atheists are trying to paint their citing of EvoGen as an authority, and their claiming that while they didn't understand EvoGen's arguments, they were sure that EvoGen pwned us, as a localized, specific failure.

Another lie that the atheistkultists are trying to make is that they know that EvoGen's arguments won out on their own merits. This is not true at all. Nowhere did any vlogger recreate an argument made by EvoGen, they simply cited him AS AN AUTHORITY, they cited the authority of EvoGen in and of itself. They did not recreate his arguments, which were all trash.

In reality, the EvoGen debacle is a symptom of the general group polarization and cultic mobbing behavior that the youtube atheists suffer from. It is not an isolated event, it is a symptom of a general rot.

For example, in their cult room on skype, you have to get permission to ask a question. I was always slightly ashamed of the circle-jerks I engaged in on Skype and Stickam, but that was nothing compared to "hate club".

They face less genuine criticism, and less penalty for being wrong than anyone else. And when they do, they shut down discourse, and mob and slander.

It is an inarguable fact that you will have a more polite and productive discussion in a dispute with Nephilimfree than with theskepticalheretic on anything, ever.

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