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The Alternative Hypothesis


Published on Mar 4, 2013

Support for Affirmative Action by Race:

Public Opinion on Interracial Marriage:

Response to:

So TheAntiHeretic made a video. It was a bad video. He made 3 main points. Lets go over them.

1.Many minorities are anti-affirmative action because they don't need a handout and they don't want people thinking they got a hand out.

- Okay well data on this actually exists. So here's some of that data.

So what we can see is that blacks and hispanics support affirmative action a lot more than whites.

TheAntiHeretic doesn't bother looking up data, but instead gives anecdotes of people he works with who oppose affirmative action. I guess assuming that they are representatives of black and hispanic america, when the fact that they're working there is prima facie evidence that they are not, and so while it's possible that their views on affirmative action could represent those of all other blacks and hispanics, this isn't something that can be safely assumed.

For example, TheAntiHeretic certainly doesn't represent the political views of all white people. White people in general are more "conservative" than him.

2.We use stupid categories like "race" to do stupid things legally like hate crimes. A crime is a crime! We don't understand all the ramificaitons of what we are saying. If we weren't sitting there saying that races are real and these people are inferior then we wouldn't have people trying to combat that by making laws.

- First off "inferior" is a value judgement. Women are shorter, therefore inferior? You can think that if you want. Or not.

Second off, this is a proclamation. TheAntiHeretic gave no evidence for this. And while I haven't done an exhaustive study on racial consciousness, we can look at countries that have hate speech laws: Australia, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Norway, Sweden.

But these countries in general don't have affirmative action programs to the same degree the United States does.

But another problem is that support for affirmative action has been increasing in the United States for as long as it has been measured in both the Pew Paper and the Gallup paper.

Assuming opposition to interracial marriage is a reasonable proxy for racial consciousness, we can say that as racial consciousness has fallen, support for affirmative action has risen, which is the exact opposite of what TheAntiHeretic would predict.

And if you wish to criticize the looseness of my data, please recall that TheAntiHeretic provided NO data for his claim that if the "bigots" just went away, brown people wouldn't support things like affirmative action, hate crime and hate speech laws.

3.FE should have answered the question about whether or not all minorites support AA faster.

- And he played a clip of my struggling against his fillibuster.

But I answered his question. I guess theantiheretic thought that I was trying to convey that 100% of all blacks and hispanics supported affirmative action? And then tried to say that I conceded that it wasn't? Either TheAntiHeretic is dishonest or just stupid.

But while I actually did answer his question, he never answered mine, which was when blacks and hispanics will stop having majority support for affirmative action? And I'm talking about a date range. 2030? 2050? Either he won't answer, or he'll give some lame non-answer like "when the racists go away" or have some other inane qualifier.

This hypothetical harmonization of the races that will occur when us white bigots go away, that has never happened, and currently the opposite appears to be happening, is one hypothesis.

Another is that as people like me have declined in proportion, support for things like affirmative action, hate crime and hate speech laws will increase. This is because these things aren't really a response to any real threat, but are more of a result of group polarization. That's my hypothesis, and the data here supports my hypothesis. Certainly the matter is nowhere near settled, but the preliminary data looks good.

TheAntiHeretic plan, of laying down and spreading them, and screaming at the republicans who aren't spreading them wide enough, so far has produced the opposite of what theantiheretic would predict, as if his hypothesis were wrong.

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